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Fastigo Logistics

Offer displayed: 7394
ul. Jabłoniowa 52
40-111 Katowice
śląskie, Poland

International freight forwarding and transport
as well as domestic transport with own car
transportation. We offer comprehensive service
of transporting cargos, regardless of their weight
and size. Market knowledge and high specialization
enables us to offer attractive rates and to adjust
to your logistics systems efficiently. Our cargos
in freight forwarding as well as in transport are
insured against every occurrence. We do
intercontinental transport.


international, freight, forwarding, international, overdimensional, cold, storage, domestic, transport, adding, loads

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Fructus Transport

Offer displayed: 165625
ul. Maszewska 15
72-100 Goleniów
zachodniopomorskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
English German Russian

We offer refrigerated transport of fresh, frozen
products and industrial goods at a temperature
from -24 to +4 degrees Celsius. Our trailers are
back- and side-loaded and equipped with double
generators and a bulkhead wall - which allows
setting different temperatures in the hold.
Transported goods can be stored at a temperature
from -24 to +4 degrees Celsius in our cold store,
which features 700 pallet spaces.


transport, frozen, foods, fruits, vegetables, international, freight, forwarding, fresh, products, controlled, temperature

Preferred directions of export Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Italy, Czech Republic
Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC Above 25t DMC
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Biała Parcela 5A
98-350 Biała
łódzkie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
English German Spanish French Russian

We focus our services on international
refrigerator transportation and international
shipment of freights that must be transported
in a constant temperature. We travel to the
following countries: Germany, Czech Republic
and Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia,
the Netherlands, Belgium. We guarantee a
rapid flow of information on transported freight,
and safe and timely deliveries. Try us!

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC Above 25t DMC
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SEDICO International Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Offer displayed: 138099
ul. Kineskopowa 1
05-500 Piaseczno
mazowieckie, Poland

Domestic and international refrigerated transport
at set temperature. We have modern unit
refrigeration systems that meet the EURO 5 and
EURO 6 emission standards. We have the necessary
permits to carry out transport services throughout
Europe. All goods transported by our company are
covered by OCP insurance. We transport vegetables
and fruits, natural goods, frozen foods, fish,
medicines and sweets. We're looking
forward to working with you!


international, transport, frozen, foods, fruit, vegetables, medicines, sweets

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ARRA Group Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Offer displayed: 158554
ul. Piastowska 5
67-200 Głogów
dolnośląskie, Poland

Domestic, international transport and forwarding
with refrigerated trucks of the 3,5 t GVM, under
controlled temperatures from -75 ⁰C to +25⁰C. We
transport: medicines, dairy products, meat, fish,
vegetables, plants, ADR materials, industrial
chemistry. We operate in all the European
countries including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.
We offer online monitoring of trucks.


transport, forwarding, international, refrigerated, express, package, cargo, food, freezers, adr, frozen, trucks, iso9001-2008

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TRANSVEG Sebastian Kabaczuk

Offer displayed: 168017
ul. Obrzeżna 5
02-691 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

Transportation with refrigerators with a capacity
of 22,5t, 33 pallets. The carriage of goods at
controlled temperatures, refrigerated or frozen,
such as: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat,
plants, medicines. Industrial goods demanding
controlled temperature.


transportation, refrigerated, articles, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, flowers, meat, food

Preferred directions of export Unia Europejska
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Arrowsped Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 128414
ul. Chełmska 21
00-724 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

International transport and domestic transport.
Organizing full trucks transportation within
Europe. Cold transportation of cargoes at fixed
temperature. Unitized cargo and tarpaulin


transportation, scandinavia, customs, clearances, ferry, crossings, logistics, international, freight, forwarding

Preferred directions of export France, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy
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DTM Transport

Offer displayed: 138993
ul. Wypoczynkowa 23
64-920 Piła
wielkopolskie, Poland

International and domestic transport services.
Safely, efficiently and on time. Your solid
partner in the transportation. Timely deliveries
and cargo security. We invite you!


refrigerated, transport, food, flowers, medications, meat, fruit, vegetables

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RUTRA Artur Bielawski

Offer displayed: 132685
ul. Trakcyjna 2
56-400 Oleśnica
dolnośląskie, Poland

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PUH Jamax

Offer displayed: 126311
ul. Dąbrowskiego 1B
37-400 Nisko
podkarpackie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English

Refrigeration transport. Specialization
Romania, Bulgary, Greece.


transport, food, foodstuffs

Preferred directions of export Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
Up to 25t DMC
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