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Atak Logistik Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 131131
ul. Dubois 23
71-610 Szczecin
zachodniopomorskie, Poland

We offer all kinds of transport services in Poland
and EU. We will carry any goods to any place in
Europe. We have our own means of transport
with a capacity of 1-26 tons and we also use
the services of wide range of proven and reliable
carriers. We offer complex services within
the scope of domestic and international freight
forwarding by road. Join us!


transport, ftl, ltl, and, fractional, dry, bulk, liquid, oversized, cargos, adr, multimodal, heavy-load

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DTM Transport

Offer displayed: 86611
ul. Wypoczynkowa 23
64-920 Piła
wielkopolskie, Poland

International and domestic transport services.
Safely, efficiently and on time. Your solid
partner in the transportation. Timely deliveries
and cargo security. We invite you!


tarpaulin, transportation, freight, cargo, ftl, curtainsider, international

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Zaborów Stary 29A
09-500 Gostynin
mazowieckie, Poland

We offer international full truck transport (FTL)
in tarpaulin-top semi-trailers up to 24t, on the
Italy Poland Russia route. Team of qualified
drivers with extensive experience.


transport, tarpaulin-top, ftl, logistics, freight, goods, it-rus, pl-rus, rus-pl

Preferred directions of export Italy, Russia
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ul. Roszarnicza 19A
63-230 Witaszyce
wielkopolskie, Poland

International transport, transport Poland–Denmark,
Denmark–Poland. Transport of cargo from 1 to 24
tons. Transport with standard curtain trailers.


transport, the, european, union, scandinavia, polish, canvas, covers

Preferred directions of export Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
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Offer displayed: 87004
ul. Toruńska 151
85-880 Bydgoszcz
kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish Russian German

Domestic and international transport services.
Punctuality and security is our motto.


transport, forwarding, refrigerated, road

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC
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ul. Kukułek 41
41-200 Sosnowiec
śląskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (32) 793 09 36
  • Fax. +48 (32) 263 15 04
ul. Huberta 13
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
mazowieckie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (25) 759 60 82
  • Fax. +48 (25) 758 94 68
ul. Huberta 13
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
mazowieckie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (25) 759 60 82
  • Fax. +48 (25) 758 94 68
ul. Świętojańska 71/8
81-389 Gdynia
pomorskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 668 450 669
Sieniawa Żarska 191
68-218 Żary
lubuskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (68) 374 22 34
  • Fax. +48 (68) 410 31 77

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