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Batorowo, ul. Stefana Batorego 101
62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne
wielkopolskie, Poland

Universal Transport Group is one of the leasing
companies offering heavy and oversized transport
services in Poland and abroad. Our company is
one of 19 divisions and sale offices working in
Europe and in the world. We have at our disposal
a greatly developed machines park which allows
us to freely transport building machines and
devices, rail vehicles, elements of air
electricity plants building and steel


international, shipping, transport, company, services, road, heavy-loaded, heavy, oversized, specialised, above, average

Van Der VLIST Polen Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 1779
ul. Wołczyńska 37
60-003 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Poland

We offer over-dimensional transport. We have a
fleet of more than 200 tractors and more than 200
trailers, ranging from 3-axis semi-trailers and
low-loaders to multi-axial modular trailers. We
offer effective and efficient transport solutions.
As part of our services, we provide permits and
pilotages within the whole Europe which, in
connection with the careful planning of the route,
ensures an easy transport of your cargoes.


non-normative, standard, size, over-dimensional, transport


Offer displayed: 1773
Bałtów 102
24-103 Żyrzyn
lubelskie, Poland

The domestic and international specialized
transport of over-large loads. A full range of
services in transport, obtaining permits and
pilotages. Transport of construction and
agricultural machines.


transport, overdimensional, heavy, sub-standard, transports, elements, bridges, wind, turbines, steel, constructions

Preferred directions of export Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary
OL-TRANS - Transport - Usługi dźwigowe
  • OL-TRANS - Transport - Usługi dźwigowe
  • OL-TRANS - Transport - Usługi dźwigowe
  • OL-TRANS - Transport - Usługi dźwigowe
  • OL-TRANS - Transport - Usługi dźwigowe
ul. Łąkowa 3, Kruszyn
86-014 Sicienko
kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

International and domestic specialistic transport
of over-standard loads. Over-large sized transport
over-standard transport. Crane services.
Crane rent.


general, cargo, national, transport, pilotage, storage

FHU Barbara Samelczak

Offer displayed: 1749
FHU Barbara Samelczak
  • FHU Barbara Samelczak
  • FHU Barbara Samelczak
  • FHU Barbara Samelczak
  • FHU Barbara Samelczak
ul. Kasztanowa 2A
64-234 Przemęt
wielkopolskie, Poland

Transport of heavy, overdimensional loads.


standard, transport, oversized

EXPERT S. Majewski Sp.J.

Offer displayed: 1680
ul. Międzyleska 2-4
50-514 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (71) 710 46 81
  • Fax. +48 (71) 712 24 04
ul. Repatriantów 29
66-620 Gubin
lubuskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (66) 778 85 51
  • Fax. +48 (68) 455 67 04
ul. Traugutta 4
05-870 Błonie
mazowieckie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (22) 731 77 62
  • Fax. +48 (22) 731 80 70
Category: Transport pilotage
ul. Jeleniowska 161
25-564 Kielce
świętokrzyskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 501 595 547

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