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Offer displayed: 19396
Category: Poultry
ul. Podgórna 3
83-332 Dzierżążno
pomorskie, Poland

We offer a wide range of frozen poultry products,
including ready meals that meet the highest
standards and EU requirements. With strict
control over the comprehensive manufacturing
and distribution (own slaughterhouse, modern
production lines and fleet of cars) we can
guarantee the freshness and the highest quality
of our products delivered to distribution centers,
shops, restaurants and mass caterers in Poland
and abroad.


chicken, poultry, convenience, food, processing, meat, fillet, nuggets, wing, marinated, breaded, products, sirloin

Cedrob S.A.

Offer displayed: 20383
Category: Poultry
Cedrob S.A.
  • Cedrob S.A.
  • Cedrob S.A.
  • Cedrob S.A.
  • Cedrob S.A.
Ujazdówek 2A
06-400 Ciechanów
mazowieckie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English German Spanish French

We are a producer of poultry meat. We sell
fresh and frozen chicken, hen and geese meat.
We specialize in the distribution of carcasses
elements: a half, a quarter, breast, wing, thigh,
feet and offal. We have halal certification.


poultry, chicken, hen, goose, feet, halal, duck


Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe LEMEX

Offer displayed: 22659
Category: Poultry
ul. Magazynowa 4
64-100 Leszno
wielkopolskie, Poland

We are trading company engaged in export of meat
from Poland. We export pork, beef and poultry to
the countries of European Union and Russia,
Byelorus, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. We are
present on the meat market since 1990. We provide
high quality goods, professional service, good


meat, poultry, beef, pork, sides, fatback, quarters, mdm

Preferred directions of export Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Wholesale We are looking for distributors Contract manufacturing possible

Agrofood Poland Sp.j.

Offer displayed: 39569
Category: Poultry
Agrofood Poland Sp.j.
  • Agrofood Poland Sp.j.
  • Agrofood Poland Sp.j.
  • Agrofood Poland Sp.j.
  • Agrofood Poland Sp.j.
ul. Janusza Kusocińskiego 30
33-300 Nowy Sącz
małopolskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
English French Russian Hungarian German Italian

Exporter of beef, pork, poultry, veal, mutton
to EU countries and former countries of the
Commonwealth of Independent States.
Meat trading in Poland and abroad.


fillets, leg, wings, sirloin

Preferred directions of export Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia
Wholesale We are looking for distributors Contract manufacturing possible

PHU Olimpek Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 14383
Category: Poultry
ul. Ciasna 12
35-232 Rzeszów
podkarpackie, Poland

We are a chicken portioning plant, we specialise
in cutting whole chicken into basic and unboned


poultry, chicken, fillet, quarter, cutting

Rzeźnia Drobiu Jerzy Konkol

Offer displayed: 12926
Category: Poultry
ul. Raduńska 64A
83-331 Niestępowo
pomorskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English

We offer: chicken carcasses, chicken wings,
chicken quarters, chicken breast fillet.


meat, chicken, poultry

Wholesale Contract manufacturing possible
Category: Poultry
Nowe Żukowice 50B
33-151 Nowa Jastrząbka
małopolskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (14) 678 63 81
Category: Poultry
ul. Koszarowa 8
14-240 Susz
warmińsko-mazurskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 606 824 340
Category: Poultry
ul. Wroclawska 160
63-800 Gostyń
wielkopolskie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (65) 614 14 64
  • Fax. +48 (65) 614 14 64
Category: Poultry
ul. Łazisko 98/100
97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
łódzkie, Poland

  • Phone. +48 (44) 734 67 87
  • Phone. +48 532 869 115
  • Fax. +48 (44) 734 67 88

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