Stella Pack is one of the largest European manufacturers of rubbish bags and distributors of non-chemical cleaning supplies and hygiene products

The group includes, apart from Stella Pack SA, Stella Pack Ukraine and Stella Pack Romania.

Our history is 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality products and strengthening the position of house brands in the market. Our products can be found in local stores and in most chain stores in Poland and Europe. High quality of our products is confirmed by certificates, including: ISO 9001:2015, BRC certificate, and also numerous awards for our products, especially for the premium Stella brand.

Our 6 modern production facilities in Poland and Ukraine are our greatest pride. All rubbish bags manufactured by us are made of processed waste plastic film. We strongly oppose manufacturing and marketing of rubbish bags made of raw materials (Virgin). We use a unique technology of processing waste plastic film into regranulate and then into complete rubbish bags, which we developed in our company. It is an eco-friendly technology including the most advanced in our part of Europe, high efficiency sorting line and method of using heat, which is patented by Stella pack, making the process more ecological. Each month, Stella Pack processes over 2000 tonnes of waste plastic film, transforming it into rubbish bags which are in every aspect comparable to products made of raw materials.

For 20 years we have been implementing the idea of circular economy, we process waste plastic film, remove it from the natural environment and transform it into a product designed in such a way that it could be recycled. The investment process initiated in 2013, which is building a new facility for regranulating and manufacturing rubbish bags, leads to reaching the level of almost 3000 tonnes of monthly production.