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GLGroup Spółdzielnia

Offer displayed: 53833
Category: Mushrooms
Kopce 6A
08-206 Huszlew
mazowieckie, Poland

Polish exporter. We offer mainly white champignons
other types available on special request. Weekly
production output amounts to: 450 tonnes. Export
of white and brown mushrooms, and oyster and
portobello. We provide the packaging: cups, boxes
and trays. We provide stability, continuity of
supply, the highest quality. We organize delivery
according to individual customer requirements.
We supply sliced mushrooms.


white, cremini, champignons, pleurotuses, calibrated, exporter, producer, mushrooms, cultivation

Preferred directions of export France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy
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Offer displayed: 19403
Category: Poultry
ul. Podgórna 3
83-332 Dzierżążno
pomorskie, Poland

We offer a wide range of frozen poultry products,
including ready meals that meet the highest
standards and EU requirements. With strict
control over the comprehensive manufacturing
and distribution (own slaughterhouse, modern
production lines and fleet of cars) we can
guarantee the freshness and the highest quality
of our products delivered to distribution centers,
shops, restaurants and mass caterers in Poland
and abroad.


chicken, poultry, convenience, food, processing, meat, fillet, nuggets, wing, marinated, breaded, products, sirloin

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Worldtrade Tomasz Biernacki

Offer displayed: 6811
Category: Poultry and eggs
Worldtrade Tomasz Biernacki
  • Worldtrade Tomasz Biernacki
  • Worldtrade Tomasz Biernacki
  • Worldtrade Tomasz Biernacki
ul. Czereśniowa 3/1
02-457 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

World Trade, a manufacture and trading company,
currently offers chicken eggs. Cage-free, made in
Ukraine. We offer size C-1 (Medium) 53-63 g.,
360 eggs on 12 extrusions of 30 eggs each in
the package. White and brown colour.


sales, poultry, eggs, cage-free

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Category: Potatoes growing
ul. Kolejowa 21
13-100 Nidzica
warmińsko-mazurskie, Poland

Production and the distribution of certified seed,
including seed potatoes, agricultural production,
purchase and sale of agricultural produce,
including buying cereals, rape, fabaceae and
potatoes sale of fertilizers, plant protection
products and foliar fertilizers, domestic


fertilizers, winter, seeds, spring, seed, edible, potatoes

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Offer displayed: 33072
Category: Mushrooms
Użranki 61
11-700 Mrągowo
warmińsko-mazurskie, Poland

Pieczarki Mazurskie is a family company
established in 1988. We are one of the largest
producers of fresh white mushrooms in Poland.
Our products mainly reach foreign markets. For
many years we have been enjoying the trust of
clients in various European countries.


fresh, mushroom, producer, cultivation, sale, farm, export, soil

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Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe LEMEX

Offer displayed: 29084
Category: Poultry
ul. Magazynowa 4
64-100 Leszno
wielkopolskie, Poland

We are trading company engaged in export of meat
from Poland. We export pork, beef and poultry to
the countries of European Union and Russia,
Byelorus, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. We are
present on the meat market since 1990. We provide
high quality goods, professional service, good


meat, poultry, beef, pork, sides, fatback, quarters, mdm

Preferred directions of export Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
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Offer displayed: 12051
Olszownica 75
27-552 Baćkowice
świętokrzyskie, Poland

Producer of natural and artificial honey offers
honey: multiflorous, acacia, lime, buckwheat,
rape, honeydew, heath, artificial. Polish honey
mainly from Warmia and Mazury region.


natural, honey, bees', maple, syrup

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Offer displayed: 32414
Category: Mushrooms
Dobrojewo 6
66-440 Skwierzyna
lubuskie, Poland

Since 1997, we are engaged in purchase and
processing of mushrooms and berries. We offer
fresh, frozen, dried and pickled mushrooms.
We have our own transport and we guarantee
timely delivery.


mushrooms, pullet, boletus, bay, bolete, leccinum, fresh, dried, frozen, marinated, berry, fruit, fores

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Offer displayed: 42190
Jarosławiec 36/2
63-000 Środa Wielkopolska
wielkopolskie, Poland

Distribution, export and import of fruit and
vegetables, fresh and frozen. We collaborate
mainly directly with the manufacturers. Tomato,
cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, leeks, carrots
and potatoes.


onion, plum, apple, pear, consulting, redbeet

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Offer displayed: 35567
Category: Mushrooms
Wielichowo Wieś, ul. Czereśniowa 1
64-050 Wielichowo
wielkopolskie, Poland

Purchase, sale and export of champignon, oyster
mushroom, vegetables, fruit and under growth to
the countries of the European Union. We have
a specialised car fleet, fresh products of the
highest quality.


export, paprika, white, brown, champignon, shii, take, boletus, bay, bolete, chanterelle, berries

Preferred directions of export France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom
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