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Fructus Transport

Offer displayed: 5208
ul. Maszewska 15
72-100 Goleniów
zachodniopomorskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
English German Russian

Our fleet includes over a dozen low-loader units
of various types. With us, you can quickly and
safely transport any truck anywhere in the
European Union - without exceptions. We have
the necessary permits for the transport of
oversized cargo. Our low-loader units have a
payload up to 38 tons, they can carry loads of
various widths and heights - we are not
limited by any dimensions.


tractors, loaders, excavators, trucks, buses, tractor, units, cars, machinery, agricultural, construction, constructions, bulk

Preferred directions of export France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Italy
Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 18t DMC 24t DMC 40t DMC


Offer displayed: 9573
ul. Franklina Roosevelta 122
41-800 Zabrze
śląskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English

Our company provides the services of international
and domestic over-standard, standard, line haul
and oversized transport. We organise transport
requiring special permits. We have our own pilot
vehicles for over-standard transport. We offer
full logistics service during the implementation
of oversized transports. Our experienced staff
drives the vehicles and supervises the order.
Punctuality! Guarantee of quality! Competitive


transport, over-standard, oversized, sizes, size, heavy, oversize, low-chassis

40t DMC

Silesia Escort Service

Offer displayed: 11117
ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 2/180
40-881 Katowice
śląskie, Poland

Our company specializes in obtaining permits and
organizing transport piloting in most European
countries. Thanks to our professionalism and
24 hour availability we are able to meet all your
expectations. Additionally, we specialize in
organizing piloting within the territory of Poland
Safety that we ensure and our experience give
you psychological comfort.


piloting, oversized, cargo, heavy, over-dimensional, large-size, low-clearance, normative, and, specialist, transport, permits


Offer displayed: 11043
  • UNIVERSAL TRANSPORT Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • UNIVERSAL TRANSPORT Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • UNIVERSAL TRANSPORT Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • UNIVERSAL TRANSPORT Polska Sp. z o.o.
Batorowo, ul. Stefana Batorego 101
62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne
wielkopolskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English German Russian French Romanian

Universal Transport Group is one of the leasing
companies offering heavy and oversized transport
services in Poland and abroad. Our company is
one of 19 divisions and sale offices working in
Europe and in the world. We have at our disposal
a greatly developed machines park which allows
us to freely transport building machines and
devices, rail vehicles, elements of air
electricity plants building and steel


international, shipping, transport, company, services, road, heavy-loaded, heavy, oversized, specialised, above, average

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 18t DMC 24t DMC 40t DMC
Usługi transportowe Krzysztof ZARZECKI
  • Usługi transportowe Krzysztof ZARZECKI
  • Usługi transportowe Krzysztof ZARZECKI
  • Usługi transportowe Krzysztof ZARZECKI
  • Usługi transportowe Krzysztof ZARZECKI
ul. Krasickiego 15/9
41-600 Świętochłowice
śląskie, Poland

We offer professional international and domestic
transport services of standard and non-standard
cargoes, ranging from steel constructions, through
gantry cranes, girders and tanks to machinery
and boats. We have our own tarpaulin semi-trailers
and platforms as well as specialist trailers of
TELE, SEMI, TIEFBETT types. We offer transport
and logistics consultancy, and we obtain permits,
own and police pilotage. We have over 20 years
of market experience!!!


oversized, transport, above, average, heavy, national, international, escort, permissions, services, tarpaulins, building, machines, logistics, shipping

Van Der VLIST Polen Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 10406
ul. Wołczyńska 37
60-003 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Poland

We offer over-dimensional transport. We have a
fleet of more than 200 tractors and more than 200
trailers, ranging from 3-axis semi-trailers and
low-loaders to multi-axial modular trailers. We
offer effective and efficient transport solutions.
As part of our services, we provide permits and
pilotages within the whole Europe which, in
connection with the careful planning of the route,
ensures an easy transport of your cargoes.


non-normative, standard, size, over-dimensional, transport


Offer displayed: 10425
ul. Bytomska 39
41-103 Siemianowice Śląskie
śląskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
Polish English German Russian

We specialize in transport of heavy loads,
over-dimensional and special. We ensure
comprehensive transport services within the
whole European Union, Scandinavia and Ukraine.
We organize special permits, pilotages in the
country, and abroad. Thanks to many years of
experience we are able to complete even the
most complicated transports. We transport:
construction machinery, long elements,
containers, steel constructions, bays, bridges.


over-dimensional, transport, specialist, heavy, above-average, loads, with, large, dimensions, construction, machinery, containers, gantry, cranes, large-dimensional, pilotage

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 18t DMC 24t DMC 40t DMC

ARRA Group Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Offer displayed: 2956
ul. Piastowska 5
67-200 Głogów
dolnośląskie, Poland

Domestic, international transport and forwarding
of general cargo. We offer car transportation
services of goods or packages up to 3.5t, as well
as removal services. We offer experienced drivers
and vehicles suitable for the general cargo
transportation. Express delivery of goods.


Offer displayed: 9422
al. Wydawnicza 5
92-333 Łódź
łódzkie, Poland

We provide transport of oversized items,
construction, agricultural and industrial
machinery, building materials, steel structures,
containers. Professionally and on time!


transport, above-standard, oversized, specialist, standard, heavy


Offer displayed: 9888
Bałtów 102
24-103 Żyrzyn
lubelskie, Poland

The domestic and international specialized
transport of over-large loads. A full range of
services in transport, obtaining permits and
pilotages. Transport of construction and
agricultural machines.


transport, overdimensional, heavy, sub-standard, transports, elements, bridges, wind, turbines, steel, constructions

Preferred directions of export Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary

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