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Offer displayed: 29706
ul. Nowa 34
62-060 Stęszew
wielkopolskie, Poland

Dkaren manufactures high quality underwear. We
make lingerie from satin, viscose, tulle and lace.
We offer slips, T-shirts, bathrobes, dressing
gowns, pyjamas. We have been successfully selling
in many world markets since 2001. We send every
order, even for a single item. Fast delivery is
our advantage, even within 24h! We care for our
manufacturing process so that our customers
are always satisfied. We are looking forward to
working with you!


manufacturer, underwear, nightwear, satin, viscose, slips, bathrobes, housecoats, sexy, exclusive, pyjamas, wholesale

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Wies-mann Producent bielizny

Offer displayed: 29261
Wies-mann Producent bielizny
  • Wies-mann Producent bielizny
  • Wies-mann Producent bielizny
  • Wies-mann Producent bielizny
  • Wies-mann Producent bielizny
ul. Straży Ludowej 33
60-465 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages

Since 1993 we have performed as the producer of
underwear. Our offer includes: exclusive female
underwear, wedding underwear, night underwear,
underwear sets, sexy strings, sexy bras. We
guarantee high quality of drawing, attractive
designing, wide variety of models. We use
raw-materials of high quality laces, embroidery,
tulle and knitwear, which causes that the
underwear is of the best quality and beautiful


corsets, knickers, push-up, shirts, panties, boxing, producers, bra, stocking, belt, underwear, erotic, sexy, brand, name, large, sizes, fixed, soft

Retail Wholesale We are looking for distributors
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Offer displayed: 20993
ul. Zbożowa 1B
78-600 Wałcz
zachodniopomorskie, Poland

We offer wide variety of the highest quality of
the specialist clothing for, among the others,
fishermen, protection services, hunters, forest
workers, camera-men. Jackets, waist-coats,
sweatshirts, trousers, raincoat clothing, caps,
hats, etc. Polaron, bratex, meryl, teflon. We are
open to contractor’s suggestion. We sew according
to enclosed pattern and optionally supplied cloth.

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Offer displayed: 17124
Category: Sportswear
ul. Fabryczna 12
39-200 Dębica
podkarpackie, Poland

Redline - manufacturer of high quality smart
clothing made of thermoactive Outlast material
used by NASA. Our clothing so-called the first
layer - regulates body temperature depending on
weather conditions. Offering the highest quality
and comfort of use (motorcycles, winter sports,
fitness, running).


t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, ski, mask, boxer, shorts, women, men, knee, padstube, belt, kidney, longsleeve, balaclava, motorcycle, snowboarding, skiing, gym, fitness, running

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Offer displayed: 15797
ul. Nowoursynowska 48A
02-797 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

For your company – advertising articles,
sweatshirts, jackets, advertising sweatshirts,
advertising jackets, logo strings, caps,
advertising gadgets, advertising caps, advetising
T-shirts, polars, advertising polars, advertising
overprint, promotion clothes, strings, advertising
clothes, advertising gifts, advertising strings,
strings with logo.

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Offer displayed: 20845
ul. Brzezińska 198
92-760 Łódź
łódzkie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
polski niemiecki angielski rosyjski

JUSTUS - Polish manufacturer of high quality caps.
The offer includes hats for women, men, youth,
children, unisex, scarves and cowls. Possible
manufacturing under own and customer brand.
STOLL and UNIVERSAL machinery and high
quality yarns guarantee the quality of products.


manufacturer, caps, winter, women, cowls, scarves, yarn

Wholesale We are looking for distributors Contract manufacturing possible
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Offer displayed: 12590
Category: Erotic underwear
ul. Fortuny 9
01-339 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

Roxana is a high quality sexy lingerie in original
designs produced in Poland since 15 years. As one
of the few companies proposes erotic underwear
for men. Roxana has over 250 different models
of underwear models from delicate to daring.


corsets, costumes, body, strings, suits, stockings, tights

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KREBO Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 16978
ul. Gromadzka 101
30-719 Kraków
małopolskie, Poland

Manufacturer of socks and tights. Colourful, funny
fashionable women's, men's and children's socks.
Short socks, micro socks, knee-high socks, tights.
Patterned socks, wool socks, organic cotton socks.


sports, socks, skiing, terry, wholesale

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Offer displayed: 16734
ul. Lubelska 44A
22-170 Rejowiec Fabryczny
lubelskie, Poland

Pamami - Polish producer of high quality stylish
hats. We offer men's hats, Women's hats,
children's hats, caps for Youth, beanies,
hats unisex.


scarves, berets, tubes, scarf, hats, with, ear, flaps, children, winter, men, women, manufacturer, caps

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LAMBERG Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 13541
ul. Słowackiego 81A
32-400 Myślenice
małopolskie, Poland

Manufacture of fashionable and sports hats,
bands, original collections. A wide range of
raw materials, professional service, branding.


manufacturer, manufacture, hats, caps

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