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Fructus Transport

Offer displayed: 114177
ul. Maszewska 15
72-100 Goleniów
zachodniopomorskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
angielski niemiecki rosyjski

Forwarding and international transport with
own vehicle fleet in the EU. Welcome.


refrigerated, flatbed, mega, ftl, general, cargo, low-tonnage

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC Above 25t DMC
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Kerry Logistics (Poland) Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 136950
ul. Adama Branickiego 17
02-972 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

Our core business includes integrated logistic
services, international forwarding, express
solutions and a supply chain. Our knowledge
extends from handling goods and non-commercial
goods, POSM and others. Many of the best
well-known company brands employs Kerry Logistics
in the wide spectrum of industries, including
fashion and lifestyle, electronics and technology,
food and beverage as well as heavy industry,
automotive and pharmacy.


transportation, export, import, international, logistics, design, trade, cargo, maritime, air, rail

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Marko Service Sp z o.o.

Offer displayed: 99988
ul. Postępu 11 lok. 14
02-676 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Poland

We organize and carry out transport services
around the world using such types of transport
as: road, sea, air and rail transport. Logistics
solutions individually tailored to the needs of
each customer up to a very unusual and custom
order. We are fully open to cooperation with other
freight forwarders around the world. We offer
full and professional service and competitive


refrigerated, oversized, heavy, specialist, lcl, fcl, courier, dgr, tarpaulin, express, forwarding, logistics

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MKW Suchecki Sp. z o.o.

Offer displayed: 119972
ul. Żeromskiego 41
07-410 Ostrołęka
mazowieckie, Poland

We are a family company that specialises in
transport and forwarding services throughout
Europe and third countries. Our vehicles meet the
highest environmental standards Euro 6. We provide
specialised transport, including international ADR
transport.Our mission is safety in cargo transport
professionalism in customer service and timely
delivery of goods to the destination. We are
looking forward to working with you!


loading, unloading, top-loader, side-loader, automotive, industry, transport, furniture, wood, paper, steel, logistics, forwarding

Preferred directions of export Germany, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal
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Biała Parcela 5A
98-350 Biała
łódzkie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
angielski niemiecki hiszpański francuski rosyjski

We are experts within transport and logistics of
groceries in controlled temperature conditions,
the so-called cooling transport. Our clients are
international concerns and sector of small and
medium companies that want to exist on foreign
markets. We give 70 cooling sets to your disposal.
We offer complex logistic service within
international transport, export and import of food


transport, meat, shipping, refrigeration, refrigerated, fresh, fruit, vegetables, spedition, frozen, temperature, international

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC Above 25t DMC
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Offer displayed: 110175
ul. Bytomska 39
41-103 Siemianowice Śląskie
śląskie, Poland
We speak foreign languages
angielski niemiecki francuski rosyjski

We specialize in transport of heavy loads,
over-dimensional and special. We ensure
comprehensive transport services within the
whole European Union, Scandinavia and Ukraine.
We organize special permits, pilotages in the
country, and abroad. Thanks to many years of
experience we are able to complete even the
most complicated transports. We transport:
construction machinery, long elements,
containers, steel constructions, bays, bridges.


over-dimensional, transport, specialist, heavy, above-average, loads, with, large, dimensions, construction, machinery, containers, gantry, cranes, large-dimensional, pilotage

Up to 3.5t DMC Up to 10t DMC Up to 25t DMC Above 25t DMC
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ARRA Group Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Offer displayed: 109981
ul. Piastowska 5
67-200 Głogów
dolnośląskie, Poland

Domestic, international transport and forwarding
of general cargo. We offer car transportation
services of goods or packages up to 3.5t, as well
as removal services. We offer experienced drivers
and vehicles suitable for the general cargo
transportation. Express delivery of goods.

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Zaborów Stary 29A
09-500 Gostynin
mazowieckie, Poland

We offer international full truck transport (FTL)
in tarpaulin-top semi-trailers up to 24t, on the
Italy Poland Russia route. Team of qualified
drivers with extensive experience.


transport, tarpaulin-top, ftl, logistics, freight, goods, it-rus, pl-rus, rus-pl

Preferred directions of export Italy, Russia
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ITS Usługi Transportowe Karol Ignasiak

Offer displayed: 110128
ul. Roszarnicza 19A
63-230 Witaszyce
wielkopolskie, Poland

International transport, transport Poland–Denmark,
Denmark–Poland. Transport of cargo from 1 to 24
tons. Transport with standard curtain trailers.


transport, the, european, union, scandinavia, polish, canvas, covers

Preferred directions of export Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
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Offer displayed: 107347
ul. Toruńska 151
85-880 Bydgoszcz
kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

Domestic and international transport services.
Punctuality and security is our motto.


transport, forwarding, refrigerated, road

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